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Demo version v1.46 demo (200 Mb)

Any country:

Download from GamersHell.com

Download from Exotypos.com

Download from Softpedia.com

Download from Mediafire.com

Demo version includes one track and one car with some physics profiles.

X-Motor Racing Editor (59 Mb)

The editor exports tracks and cars for the full version only.
Everyone can create his own track or car and add them to the game.
Download from Mediafire.com
System Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
DirectX 9c or higher
1700 MHz CPU
512 Mb RAM
128 Mb DX9 Video Card, Radeon 9800 or higher
600 Mb HDD Free Space (2600 Mb for full version)
Sound Card with DirectSound compatible
DirectInput compatible game controller
TrackIR supporting
D-Box supporting
X-Motor Racing Sound Track Set

Download X-Motor Racing Sound Track Set (OGG format, 25.77 Mb)
First six music tracks from the release.

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