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X-Motor vs rFactor2

Postby GTV » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:24 am

If you have tried the demo of rF2 yet, I'm interested to know the difference between it and XMR.
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Re: X-Motor vs rFactor2

Postby Eugene Cojocar » Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:26 pm

There are a lot of information about rF2 on the web.
As to me, I tried their demo version.
I can only say that I'm a XMR fan :)
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Eugene Cojocar
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Re: X-Motor vs rFactor2

Postby pleclair » Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:22 pm

Tough question.

It's a matter of taste really.

I know very well rFactor 2, have played it intensely for over a year, and XMR comes in really close to it.

While not quite it yet, it does things better than rF2. For instance, there are feelings in the FFB that you don't feel or very slim in rF2, or for this matter, in other games.

An example of this, would be when you get to the crest at d-park. The suspension gets light, and althought you feel this in rF2 and other games as well, it's not a new feeling, but in XMR it's been done really good. The first time I came up the crest, this struck me... the feeling I had in the wheel was pretty much exactly what I was expecting, and this felt good.

Another thing that is pretty good, when you brake hard with road car, the car sheer left or right, or both, and you need to control it with either the steering or slight lift off of the brake pedal.

This is a feeling I have never felt in rF2... the car seems to brake, or lock, I tried to play with FFB settings and thought I had found something like this in the PLR file, but it did nothing that I could perceive.

On the physics level, both are pretty good, and drive rather naturally. First time I played XMR, I didn't crashed everywhere, and have very little adaptation to do. I can also say the same for rF2 actually.

The one thing that is great in rF2 is the tire feeling in the wheel. It adds a lot to the feeling, and I hope we will see this in XMR sometime later on. And you can see the dmg done to it. Not sure I've seen this in XMR yet, but I might not have burned long enough :P

If I were to give ratings it would probably go something like this:

rFactor 2:

-Physics: 10
-Graphics: 9
-Sound: 8-9 (depending on the car)


-Physics: 10
-Graphics: 8
-Sound: 4-5 (this is the area where XMR falls short the most at the moment)

The sound of most car in XMR can be improved a lot... I cannot say I've heard a car so far that really sounds like a car.

But fortunately, the rest is good enough to live with it, and hope that it gets better.

The graphics are actually pretty good in XMR as well. The reasons why I give rF2 one more point is because the weather system is purely awesome. But as far as the graphics themselves, they are pretty much on par to me. The skybox of XMR is nicely done, the lighting as well. It can looks pretty good.

It all comes down to personal taste I believe. And your personal road experience...

I think one can have loads of fun in both, and also learn to drive better with both. So why limit yourself to one? All these racing sims are made by rather small companies, and in the case of XMR, by pretty much one guy or so it seems, so why not support them all?

That doesnt mean go broke and buy all sims at once, but you can buy one now, another later on, etc... :) They are all worth it for different reasons.

I always liked to race, go fast, do crazy things with my cars... lost my license three times, and paid vacations in the sun to many cops (with the many tickets I paid in my life)... so these days, I enjoy sims a lot. :) I've calmed down on the road, and its been years I havent had a ticket :)
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Re: X-Motor vs rFactor2

Postby Kahn62 » Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:14 pm

rFactor2 is still just a game. It does not use physics to determine what happens when you hit a curb, or a ripple strip, it uses programmed "actions" instead. If "hit curb" then "car does this action", if you follow me. Since I have tried XMR I cannot go back to any other driving game, they all feel childish except for AC, which could be better still.
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