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Server behind NAT

Postby Eugene Cojocar » Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:32 pm

There are two types of IP addresses: direct IP address and IP address behind NAT.
Server creation with a direct IP address is easy and doesn't require special instructions.
If you are behind NAT you have to set port forwarding and check it, for example here:
XMR allows choose any port you like to use. If you define port X in XMR Dedi Server, you should set forwarding for X and X+2 ports. Port X is used for TPC and Port X+2 for UDP.
If we want to use port 63328 then we should define port forwarding for 63328 and 63330.

Host Address List contains a list of IP addresses. If you are behind NAT the IP can look like, etc. Dedicated server can be available on an external IP address that can be found here:

Your router translates your external IP address into your local IP address if NAT defined.
So, if the external IP address is (as in the picture below) all other players should connect using this address and port 63328.

If you want to register your server in XMR Network check on “Register With Another IP” and type an external IP in the field.

1. Define port forwarding in your NAT for your local and external IP addresses.
2. Create a server with your local IP address.
3. Make sure that the ports are open:
4. Connect to your external IP.
That's all.

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