Don't install into 'Program files' or 'Program File (x86)'

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Don't install into 'Program files' or 'Program File (x86)'

Postby Eugene Cojocar » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:36 pm

People sometimes get activation errors when install XMR into 'C:\Program File' or 'C:\Program File (x86)' and don't have enough rights to write files into these folders. The problem is that Windows Vista/7/8 doesn't like when any other software write files in these folders.
As a result, XMR can't write files in its folder.

Solution: Install XMR into 'C:\Games' folder, for example.
Make sure that XMR can write files in its folder.

In additional, please make sure that after activation your XMR folder contains files:
fce.ptn, fcr.ptn, key.ptn and sn.ptn.

The HWID depends on the CPU, HDD and Net Work Adapter. So, if you change any of them the HWID changes.

Make sure you activate and use it as an admin or as an user.
Don't activate it as an admin and use as an user at the same time.
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