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Postby Kahn62 » Fri May 30, 2014 5:48 am

Eugene Cojocar wrote:Forgot to say, I will have a look at the UPnP to traverse NAT. I think other games use it.

Thanks for looking further at the NAT Eugene. I would like to be able to host a server, here in Australia, but I need more people willing to play XMR for that to be helpful.
The trend of today, to release no demo, or a very limited demo, is only helpful to companies with a following, that is, companies that have people waiting for their next release before they have even begun to design it. XMR and Exotypos are not like this. You are a small, unknown, independent developer, and yet you are trying to imitate the strategy of the big boys. It is not working for you.
The first real multiplayer game, Doom, gave away a third of their levels, most of their weapons and half of their monsters, in their first demo release of the game, for free. Then they did not put copyright protection on their full game, at all, allowing people to steal it at will and use it for free if they wanted to. It turned out to be the biggest game of the era, and the writers became the biggest game developers in the FPS genre within six months of it's release. People played the game, stole the game, loved the game and then bought the game after having played it, sometimes for thousands of hours. They did that because they thought that the game was great, and that it was well worth paying for a game that had given them so much fun. I admit that I stole it, and I also then went on to buy it, as did most of the people I know who played the game. Some people did not go on to buy the game, I know one, but that was the rarity, not the rule. Most people did not even steal it, they played the demo and loved it so much that they bought the full game up front. Please give this some thought, it is not my idea, it is Id softwares idea.
The main reason your forum is not overrun with complaints about XMR is that you only have a hundred registered users. If you had thousands of them, which by now you should have as XMR is still a cut above the rest, then you would have as many complaints as any of the rest. No-one complains about a game that they have never played. You are looking at this back to front, the people you have here are of the patient type generally, and are ready to wait until the big things are fixed before complaining about the trivial things, because they understand that you are busy, and they appreciate how much better this simulation is than the opposition games, but if you had more people playing, you would have more money to spend, and that would allow you to hire other people to do some of the work for you instead of relying on one mind to do the job of many. You need help with this project, and a million sales of the game would let you do wonders with XMR.
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